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About Colac Otway Kidz

Parents please ensure that your child is aware and understands 1 basic rule that should be obeyed at all times to protect them from undesirables whenever they are online. Following basic rules elliminates any possibility of any adverse situation arising from their online activities. We take every possible action to protect the interests and safety of our young visitors. In all repects we want our members to have fun but our prime concern is to protect them from online predators. We have removed several interactive features to stop the barage of undesirable links that were being posted. The site content is now static web pages with the consequence that the kids will no longer be able to add their own favorite links.

RULE 1: - Kidz should never give a full name, address or telephone number to anyone online.

We will not be responsibility for any events occuring as a result of using this web site but be assured that we will endeaver to provide a safe service. Any person/s that attempts to interfere with users of this web site will be reported to the Australian crime authorities immediately.

As webmaster I apologise for any offence taken or inconvenience suffered during the past few months when the site was under attack from undesirables posting inappropriate links. The mentality of people who post adult orientated links on a kids website is undefinable. Any names that fit are not appropriate to use here! John Powlton - 6/3/2008
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